Why Being An Aunty Is The Best Job In The World

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In life there are certain life changes and progressions you can choose. People choose to get married, they choose when it’s time to have kids but you will never get to choose when you get to become an aunty. Your sister or brother (and not to forget your bestie!) are in control of their parenting journey and you are just taken you along for the ride. But I can guarantee you, being an Aunty is the best job in the world and a ride you certainly don’t want to miss!

Once your favourite little person is earthside they will quickly learn that having an aunty is so special. An aunty is the one to hang out with them, to spoil them, to sometimes be like mum and to be their best friend always. You get to do all the fun stuff, always say yes and always be the favourite aunty.


You Buy The Expensive Gifts

When you are out looking for a gift it is normally a case of this one or that. But when you are the aunty lets be honest, normally its going to be a case of both. And chances are one of those is going to be loud, require parent participation or going to make them look like they were chewed up by unicorn and spat out. But the little person ill love it and that is all that matters!

You Provide A Never Ending Sugar Supply

Mums will say no to another cookie or a trip out for ice cream, but an aunty is always going to say yes. And probably offer another lolly when one hasn’t even been requested! The best bit is once the sugar high hits it’s normally time to go, so you don’t have even to deal with the consequences.

 You Give Your Uninterrupted Focus

When you are spending time with your favourite little people chances are they have 100% of your focus. You aren’t wondering when the washing will finish, what you are cooking the family for dinner or what you are going to do about Gary’s runny nose. Only plan you are likely to be considering while playing with blocks is what to wear on your date that night. And that means fairy dress ups will be the best game ever for your favourite little person without interruptions.

You Are Never Tired

As an aunty you might be tired, like I went out for drinks last night and didn’t get home until 2.00 am tired. But trust me that is nothing like “mum tired” when you are quite literally exhausted to the bone. But as the favourite aunty you don’t have to do the 2.00 am feeds, or won’t have been up since 4.00 am unless you chose to be, so you can push through a play date knowing a solid 8 hours of sleep is in your very near future.

You Are Their BFF

There is a reason there is a saying that goes “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend”. An aunty really is your best friend for life and your favourite little person will always think you are amazing. And you know they are the ones even more amazing than you.

Being an aunty truly is an honour. It’s all the best bits of motherhood without the sleep deprivation or as many financial constraints. And is a relationship that will truly be treasured for both your lifetimes.

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