The Rules

When utilising the Engagement Groups please keep in mind:

  1. Users must follow admin:
    Gwen @loveauntyamy (Manager) –
    Isabelle @glitterandgluedesigns –
    Em – @stilettos_and_bricks –
    Cecilia – @cectimmartist –
  2. All accounts must be based in Australia or New Zealand.
  3. Users must update their display names to First name = Name, Surname = Instagram Handle
  4. You must include a comment advising with account the dropped link relates to if you have two handles in your name OR it belongs to another account.
  5. One post, per account, per drop.
  6. Please X out previews before sharing links.
  7. Posts can only be shared during allocated Drop Times.
  8. Any post shared outside of drop times, to the minute will be deleted.
  9. Feature posts can be shared but are limited to one per week per account. Comments and/or likes must be returned from the account you normally drop for. In no other circumstances can likes be returned from an account that the dropped link isn’t for.
  10. Comments must be a minimum of 5 words (not including emojis).
  11. Only engage with posts shared in the drop you share a post in.
  12. Engagement on posts must be completed within an hour of the drop closing.
  13. Admin are exempt from mandatory engagement at their discretion to allow time to complete checks for drop compliance.
  14. Yes, you can share posts from multiple Instagram accounts but you must return likes & comments for all posts from both accounts.
  15. Yes, you can share a post over multiple groups – but you must put a note with your link to let everyone know where else it’s been shared.
  16. Yes, you can share a post from an earlier drop, but you must let people know which previous drop it was shared in.
  17. Yes, you can share loop/giveaway posts, but only for the launch.
  18. Yes, paid advertisements are ok to share.
  19. You cannot use inactive accounts to participate in these groups.
  20. Please do not chat in drop groups – that’s why we have the chat group.

Engagement Groups are regulated by a 3 strike policy. Users not following the rules may be issued with a warning/strike. 3 strikes and the user will be removed & banned from the group.

Engagement Groups have a strict zero tolerance to bullying policy. Anyone found to be guilty of bullying by AH admin will be instantly removed and banned from all groups.