Our Story

Our Story

Love Aunty Amy is everything an aunty needs!

Celebrate the favourite women in your life and one of their most important titles they can have - being an aunty!

Why We Love Aunties

Being an aunty is one of the best jobs in the world. You get to have all the fun with a little one, then give them back! We think it is an important role that should be celebrated with all right gifts so they know that they are the favourite.

What We Do

Here at Love Aunty Amy we have have created a luxury online shopping destination for everything you need to spoil your favourite aunty, or help celebrate the arrival of a new baby as the next favourite aunty.  Our products are created with one goal in mind - to celebrate women and babies in the funnest ways possible!

How Did Love Aunty Amy Start?

Love Aunty Amy was launched in April 2017 by our founder and owner, Gwen Sams, as a community for all aunties! We have evolved over time to be our current online store, creating and sourcing unique gifts to celebrate our favourite women and babies.

Our story wouldn't be complete without sharing about our namesake, Amy. Amy was the original favourite aunty to her four nephews and passed away before meeting three of those boys. When Gwen created an online space all about being an aunty, she knew she had to include her sister Amy.

About Our Founder

Gwen is a mum to two young boys and is the aunty to two nephews. After being lucky enough to have the title of aunty for over 10 years she knows just how imporant being an aunty can be and exactly why it should be celebrated!

Gwen is the Chief Aunty at Love Aunty Amy and welcomes all women to the family.