How To Throw An Awesome Birthday Party In 5 Easy Steps

Recently we celebrated my son Austin’s 4th birthday, and in our house, a birthday can’t pass without a party to celebrate. We had a busy time leading up to the party, with a family holiday and life just generally being hectic, so I did what any good mum does and outsourced as much of the party as I could! This meant we could still have an awesome birthday party with minimal effort, and with some smart planning, still affordable. 

Here are my 5 party steps to throw an awesome birthday party without going crazy!

1. Find A Good Invitation Designer

Once you have decided on your venue, date and time, you need to let people know about the party! Invitations can be time-consuming to handwrite on to a pre-printed template and are tricky to match to your theme. We had our invitations created by Isabelle from Glitter And Glue Designs (and she has done other birthday invitations for my boys too) and they were designed just for us. We had superhero themed party invitations all about Austin which was pretty impressive for his friends to open!

Photo: Hooray Day

2. Have Your Decorations Delivered To Your Door

If you are like me and all your party decorations have to match your theme, it can take a lot of time to track down the most amazing party plates in just the right shade of blue. I decided to go straight to the party decoration experts and had a box of amazing matching party decorations delivered from Hooray Day. Gemma and Zina even made a custom set of bunting in our superhero theme! All our decorations matched and saved me hours in hunting for all the decorations.



3. Cake Decorating 101

Making a birthday cake can take a lot of time and can create a huge amount of frustration. I haven’t met a mum that hasn’t wanted to throw a birthday cake at the wall at 11 pm the night before their child’s birthday party! Find an amazing bakery and have the cake made. Your future self will thank you.

Photo: Hooray Day

4. Take A Few Catering Short Cuts

Hiring caterers for a party is extremely expensive, but there are some great DIY options to reduce the workload. If you are good in the kitchen, a lot of party food like sausage rolls can be made in advance and popped in the freezer ahead of time and then just reheated during the party. Or, if the kitchen isn’t your domain, the supermarket is a great treasure trove for lots of pre-made foods like frozen party pies or fresh bakery cooked muffins that you can pass off as your own. A few sneaky tricks will easily make it an awesome birthday party!

5. Party Favours Don’t Have To Be Lollies

Kids are filled with so much sugar at birthday parties and traditionally they are sent home with yet more sugar, but think outside the square and it will save their teeth, your sanity and can often be cheaper! For our party favours Austin’s friend went home with little superhero goodie bags made by Hooray Day, filled with an “A” and a “4” crayon from Tinta Crayon. The kids can go home with an activity and not more sugar to drive their parents crazy.

Throwing an awesome birthday party doesn’t have to take endless hours to put together or be excessively expensive. Call in the experts for a few key items and the party will look amazing and everyone will have time to enjoy it, including you!

Love Gwen xx

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