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Welcome to Love Aunty Amy

Let’s be honest: every child has a favourite Aunty or Uncle growing up. These special people aren’t always related to us by blood, but they just seem to ‘get’ what kids love. They’ll spend hours with us at the park, laugh at our favourite cartoons, feed us ice cream for breakfast (don’t tell mum), and as we get older, keep all those secrets we just can’t tell our parents. They give the best tickles, clothes and toys – and they get the best hugs in return.

Now it’s your turn to be the favourite aunty or uncle – the one who gives the special little people in your life the coolest, most memorable gifts money can buy.

But it’s not always easy to find those one-in-a-million gifts that our nieces and nephews will squeal with delight over. That’s where Aunty Amy comes in.

Love Aunty Amy is a curated directory of children’s boutiques providing amazing gift ideas for your niece or nephew.

All of our boutiques have online stores, providing a collective shopping destination to find that perfect princess dress or bubble-blowing dragon, or even a gift for a new mum, without having to get out of your pyjamas.

The idea was born after realising that the gifts I had been buying for my nephews before I had kids of my own really weren't as useful or age appropriate as I thought they were at the time. As aunties and uncles we have the right to buy fun, not-totally-practical gifts, but giving something that won’t just collect dust until it is re-gifted is just as important.

Named in memory of my sister, Amy, the collection continues Amy’s role firstly as beloved Aunty to her four nephews, but also as a guiding angel to her fellow aunts and uncles who may need a little extra help. Her gifts were always magical, but like the drum set she gave our nephew on his first birthday, maybe not always totally appreciated.

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