5 Fun Gift Wrapping Touches

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We have all been there. After the fun of the gift buying adventure for your favourite little person's birthday, it comes time to wrap the present. But you have used up all of your imagination on the gift itself and haven't thought through gift wrapping. Here are our top 5 gift wrapping touches that mean your present will be just as spectacular on the outside as the gift itself!

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1. A Balloon

An oldie but a goodie, a balloon is a really fun way of adding something a little bit special to your gift wrapping. I am personally a big fan of adding a big helium balloon when I use a gift bag as well. Makes your gift wrapping short-cut look super special.

2. A Pez Dispenser

This is one I have seen one of my good friends do on several occasions and the little person is always really impressed. With a huge range of Pez dispensers on the market, you could get one in the party theme for bonus points.

3. A Button

This is a great way to dress up some plain wrapping and be a bit quirky. Just thread the button through your twine (ribbon would only work with extra large buttons) and it will look amazing front and center on the gift. Keep in mind this is an extra small piece so probably best for little people three and up.

4. A Car Or Small Toy

Along the lines of using the Pez dispenser, adding a small toy like a car or a animal is a great way to add sometime a little extra to the gift. Although aim low, you don't want your favourite little person to love the mini-gift more than the gift!

5. Curly Straws

Tie a couple of bright curly straws onto the present with the ribbon and they will add some character. You may even get a special mention with your straw being the party persons favourite party straw!

When it comes to the gift wrapping a little effort will go a long way. Don't forget if you are pushed for wrapping paper newspaper can make a great alternative, and is really environmentally friendly too!

Happy gift giving!

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