10 Babysitting Games You Can Play Lying Down

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Babysitting is hard work. Some days it can be exhausting, and once you start looking after little people that don't nap and have endless amounts of energy, you feel like you need a nap to get you through! And while sleeping on the job isn't an option, pretending to sleep is! Here are our top 10 babysitting games you can play lying down, maybe even with your eyes closed!

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1. Doctor

Be a sick patient lying in bed or on the couch and let them make you feel better! A small amount of participation will go a long way and could keep them occupied for hours on end! Bonus points for having props ready.

2. Sleeping Beauty

This one is pretty easy, at least for you.  The drawback is with a sleeping beauty is chances are they will get bored very fast, but it could give you 5 minutes of staying still to recover!

3. Sleeping Monster

This one is a take on sleeping beauty, it guaranteed to provide lots of laughs. Tell your favourite little people the sleeping monster doesn't like to be woken, and when you hear them come close pop your arm out to get them. They will be giggling so much there is no chance you will miss!

4. Put Aunty To Bed

This one lets your favourite little person play the grown up and they get to put you to bed. You can sit still while you are read stories and tucked into "bed". You may get lucky and they even want to snuggle in with you!

5.  Hide Aunty

Lie on the floor and tell your favourite little people to "hide" you. Tip: make sure there are several blankets close by, otherwise you may end up having less than soft items thrown at your head.

6. Do A Scavenger Hunt

This game can be pre-planned (bonus points to an organised aunty), or wing it and send them off to find 5 green items. It is the game that can just keep going as long as your imagination keeps coming up with new colours.

7. Create Stories In The Clouds

This one requires being outdoors, some fine weather and extra points for a trampoline. Lie back, watch the clouds and your favourite little people can tell stories and create memories.

8. Guess The Animal

Have your favourite little person find some animal toys and ask them to put them one at a time on your back and you get to guess the animal. You can easily slow the game down but taking your time to guess, and a few funny guesses along the way is sure to provide giggles.

9. Making Sand/Snow/Bed Angels

It doesn't take much to get a little person to lye on their back and wave their arms around (after all it is what they do all night in their parents' beds) so a game of making Sand/Snow/Bed Angels certainly won't require any coercion.

10. Snuggles

Not really a game, but some little people will be more than happy to just hang out and cuddle. All they want is 100% of your attention so if you are happy to sit and ask them about their hopes and dreams, they will love the fact that right at that exact moment life is all about them!

Some of our favourite little people run at a million miles an hour and it will require a lot of encouragement to sit still or at least be occupied while you sit still! A few little tricks will make sure you next babysitting adventure its the right mix of fun, energetic and restful. For you all!

Happy babysitting ladies!

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